A Unique 1 Day Injectable Seminar

Salt Lake City | June 6 , 2024
Event Time: 8am-5pm

Event Overview

Dr Dhillon & Dr Walker have designed this 1 day CADAVER course to take your injectable skills to another level.
  • Review in depth the anatomy of ALL treatment indications across the upper, mid and lower face as well as lips and nose.
  • Perform injections on cadavers to appreciate the depth and technique required with either needle or cannula.
  • Review the danger zones to avoid complications such as vascular occlusion and swelling.
The course is led by one of Dr Dhillon and Dr Walker as well as other accredited Master Injector trainers;

Who is suitable for this course?

All levels of injectors.

Cadaver Lab Session

  • This 1 day course cadaver course will be HANDS ON!!!
  • Teaching delivered by Dr Dhillon, Dr Walker
  • Hands on experience injecting dyed filler into a cadaver followed by dissection
  • Understand how to treat all indications including forehead, temple, nose and lower face! 
  • You will learn and appreciate the anatomical considerations of each area
  • Both needle and cannula techniques will be covered
Don’t miss this unique course!

Dr. Benji Dhillon

Dr Benji Dhillon is the founder and medical director of Define Clinic. His extensive facial aesthetics experience includes time as medical director of Botox developers Allergan, as well as years of professional practice on Harley Street. He has trained injectors in the UK, US, Kuwait, Dubai, Jordan, Russia, Israel, France, Spain, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and China.
Dr Dhillon’s dedication to non-invasive treatments and his holistic approach to treatment planning have helped establish him as one of the world’s foremost facial aesthetics practitioners, and an internationally respected clinical thought leader

Dr. Lee Walker

Dr. Lee Walker (BDS, MFDS, RCPSG, FDS RCS ENG., PGA CERT. CLIN. ED.) is director and clinical lead at multi-award winning City Clinics, Liverpool, UK, and has gained extensive experience and expertise in the field of medical aesthetics since 2001.He is a member on the expert panel for the Aesthetic Complications Group (ACE) and provides guidance and advice on complications related to non-surgical treatments. He sits on the expert advisory board of ‘Save Face’, a United Kingdom professional standard registered body responsible for setting industry safety recommendations.


7:30 AM
8:00 AM
Rules & Regulations
8:10 AM
Surface and Deep anatomy of the upper face
8:50 AM
Injection techniques for upper face
9:30 AM
Delegates injecting upper face 
10:30 AM
Surface and Deep anatomy of midface
11:15 PM
Lunch & Learn
12:15 PM
VOG announce to re gown and go back to lab
12:25 PM
Injection techniques for mid face
12:50 PM
Delegates injecting mid face
1:40 PM
Surface and Deep anatomy of the nose & injecting techniques
2:10 PM
Delegates injecting the nose
3:00 PM
3:20 PM
Surface & Deep anatomy of lower face & techniques
4:00 PM
Delegates injecting lower face
4:50 PM
5:00 PM

The Venue

The Grand America Hotel
555 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT. 84111
+1 (801) 258-6000


SALT LAKE CITY| June 6 , 2024


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