1on1 Hands-on Bio-Stimulator Live Injectable Training
with MI Trainer
Only 3 Slots available

Miami | Oct 6, 2024 | Day3

Master Injector Miami DAY3 - Oct. 6th 2024
1on1 Hands-on Bio-Stimulator Live Injectable training with MI Trainer
1 Hour Session

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Course Overview:
This comprehensive hands on course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary for the effective and safe use of soft tissue injectable biostimulators. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the principles, mechanisms, and applications of biostimulators in soft tissue enhancement.
Course Objectives:
Introduction to Biostimulators:
Definition, types, and composition of soft tissue injectable biostimulators.
Mechanisms of Action:
In-depth exploration of the physiological and biochemical mechanisms through which biostimulators promote tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.
Understanding the impact on collagen synthesis, fibroblast activity, and overall tissue remodeling.
Indications and Patient Assessment:
Identifying suitable candidates for biostimulator treatments.
Comprehensive patient assessment, including facial anatomy, skin quality, and aesthetic concerns.
Product Selection and Injection Techniques:
Evaluation and selection of appropriate biostimulator products.
Hands-on training in various injection techniques, including depth, volume, and layer-specific applications.
Safety and Risk Management:
Understanding potential complications and adverse reactions.
Strategies for minimizing risks and managing complications.
Combination Therapies:
Integrating biostimulator treatments with other aesthetic procedures for optimal results.
Developing personalized treatment plans based on individual patient needs.
Patient Communication and Consent:
Effective communication strategies for educating patients about biostimulators.
Obtaining informed consent and managing patient expectations.
Post-treatment Care and Follow-up:
Guidelines for post-treatment care and monitoring.
Recognizing and managing delayed responses or complications.
Practical Sessions:
Live demonstrations and hands-on practice with biostimulator products.
By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills needed to confidently incorporate soft tissue injectable biostimulators into theiraesthetic practice, ensuring safe and effective outcomes for their patients.
Bring Your Model:
Bring your own model and personalize your learning experience in a practical setting.
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The Venue

Dallas Marriott Uptown
3033 Fairmont Street
Dallas, TX. 75201
+1 (214) 239-0333


MIAMI | OCTOBER 6, 2024 - DAY 3

1on1 Hands-on Bio-Stimulator Live Injectable Training
with MI Trainer
Only 3 Slots available


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